14 thoughts on “DOUBLE Walkera X350 Pro & iLook FPV Camera & Devo F7: Manual GPS FPV LVC Long Fast Flight

  1. Weldas Lima says:

    Hello friend I walkera qr x350 pro + I f7, how to have battery voltage telemetry and telemetry altitude and distance from direct quadricoptero in I f7? I need to add. thank you. Weldas (Brasil)

  2. Infamousways says:

    I have the Devo 7 with the lcd screen. What exactly do i need in order to transmit the video from my Gopro3 back to that lcd screen? & What kind of gimble do you recommend? Thanks so much

  3. juerhe1 says:

    super video! Wo kauft man den X350 Pro am besten (zum Studentenpreis)? Welche Fernbedienung verwendet ihr? Oder kann man das so auch als Set bestellen? Bitte um kurze Info.

  4. Cristian Ramos Castro says:

    hello friend 
    I have a problem I wanted to know if I can help 
    QRX 350 buys a pro with devo 7 + f ilook gimbal 
    my problem 
    the gimbal is not looking up and down with the devo .. 
    not as program 

    and other 
    my QRX is almost unmanageable way too sensitive it can reduce ???? 
    thank you 

  5. Supafly Nii says:

    Awesome video!
    During last fly of my QR X350 Pro a spinner unscrewed, a propeller fall off making a huge quad crash at max speed on a muddy field.
    Gimbal has been touched badly and all wires were cut…
    Now I'm trying to figure out where to connect the 3 wires "roll – tilt – ??" from the gimbal controller to the receiver.
    Can you tell me to which AUX and in which order those 3 wires connect to?
    As no wiring diagram is available in the doc I'm actually quite stuck and unsure. Any help would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks !

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