26 thoughts on “Hands on with the Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch

  1. Bahar Sinha says:

    I have a vivo active watch, offlate on syncing some of the activities are not being synced up though they are seen in the history folder but not on the phone. Can you help on this?

  2. Cesar Rodrigues says:

    Hi Ray how are you?
    I just bought vivoactive and have being looking to see if there is an app to read or work with Powermeter G3 i did call garmin and they said this is not compatible, I am confused since this is an Ant +??
    Thanks Cesar

  3. Yee Chua says:

    I have a heart rate strap from vivosmart that supports ant+, is it going to be compatible with vivoactive? because I feel like hr strap readings are more accurate than the on wrist pulse reading. So I want to skip the new vivoactive.

  4. Keith Schlotthauer says:

    I can't figure out how to control my music while using the running feature (or any of the activities.) Every time I have tried to go back to the home screen, it stops/exits out of the app and I have to start it again….and it doesn't pick up from where I was….starts a brand new time and point.

  5. Adrian Ricalde says:

    Thanks for the quick review! Did you see how many data fields you can have on the screen at once? All the pictures i have seen only have 3, which is a little worry some coming from an edge 500 with 8. Thanks in advance!!

  6. Krishna Oung says:

    (Looks like I accidentally deleted my original comment lol, sorry!)

    I've been very interested in smart watches for a while now (and, in general, watches), but how would this compare to the Forerunner 220? I'm an avid Track and XC Runner who's ran in flooded courses, mud, gravel, rain, etc and have been looking at these two for a bit now. I think my main concerns would be the GPS accuracy for distance, durability, overall functionality, and battery life.

    Of course great overview and thanks in advanced! 🙂

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