After watching "Big drone flyer77's review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Dpab4wmddc&index=1&list=LLTyUlPiyU9TyfHMH8L7fjzQ) and the review done by RC Escape, the votes are in. "THIS QUADCOPTER IS NOT SAFE AND SHOULD BE RECALLED BY SYMA IMMEDIATELY. CONSUMERS SHOULD NOT BUY. IF PURCHASED, DO NOT FLY CLOSE TO PEOPLE, CARS OR SIMILAR PROPERTY (LIKE HOMES). THIS QUAD HAS CONTROL LOSS PROBLEMS AND COULD BE DANGEROUS. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! -djsoulforce

  2. mispicks says:

    After second day of flight with the X8pro, the issues talked about won't go away. You can, however, anticipate what it may and will do, and counter it with the right stick. It will only minimize it. A tap of the right stick may stop it from rocking. Toilet bowl is tougher. Video with this is a waste. Unless you spend time to edit. You CANNOT mix and match with the X8SC. Transmitter won't bind, therefore, no use of camera. This is only lipstick on a pig!

  3. tony perks says:

    No buddy it's not your sticks sticking this is happening on every review I watch , quadcopter 101 his was just as bad as the one you have , I think it's not ready for distribution yet 👍👍
    Happy flying dude

  4. Big drone flyer77 says:

    Hey DJ this is Donnie. I reviewed my x8 pro and it was worse then yours and Pete's. So I will have a video in a day about it. It was so bad I about lost it 3 times and could not even fly it for review

  5. Leon Wang says:

    Hi dj, when you do the gps calibration, I notice you have been turning the drone clockwise. The syma instruction video and the Indoneasian guy show, its should be done in an anti clockwise direction. I wonder if that cause the drone gps to have the TBE

  6. Costa Rica Flyer says:

    I'm sorry, I'm not buying it. You've demonstrated it's not an airworthy quad. Brushed motors, buggy android ap, abysmally written manual, piss poor video quality. I'd be scared pissless to fly it anywhere close to persons on the ground. Syma should be ashamed to market it. Best price I've seen for it on eBay is $138.64 USD.

    My Bayangtoys X16 (I bought partially based on your reviews) is a wonder. I'm getting almost 400 meters with the stock tx with no range mods and I've mounted a tiny whoop 200mw camera/tx with better video quality than you're getting with the Syma.

    Gearbest recently dropped the price on both the X16 ($99.99USD) and the X21 Double GPS ($165.99USD). Get the X16 and add an AKK 25/50/200mw camera/tx combo ($18.99 on Amazon) and you'd have a better, more reliable, BRUSHED quad with decent range and much better FPV video.

    My 2cents worth.

    Great review tho. Shame they gave you this turkey to review but glad you gave an honest appraisal.

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